The Wix template collection is a treasure trove of imaginative designs aimed to inspire and captivate. Start by narrowing down the templates based on the type of website you want to create.

Whether you’re an influencer looking to expand your online audience or a designer seeking to show off your work, these templates will help you build a unique website. To get started, hover over a template layout and click Edit.


If you’re looking for a template that will help you grow your sports merchandise business, this one is for you. It features a clean design with bold images and easy-to-use interfaces to increase customer engagement.

There are three buttons that you should be  wix templates  familiar with when customizing a Wix website. These are edit, preview, and publish. The edit button allows you to make changes to your site, and the preview button lets you see how those changes will look on a live website.


In the digital age, a website or e-commerce store is a must for businesses and professionals. Wix has a variety of templates designed for specific topics and industries that can be easily customized without the need for coding.

Makeup artists can showcase their portfolio with this stylish Wix template that has ample space to display images and a comprehensive "Our Services" page. Dynamic creative agencies will also find this template suitable for their branding needs. It's a joyous and uplifting design that's sure to brighten up anyone who views it!

Crsn Bakery

Crsn Bakery is perfect for dynamic cafes and coffee shops that want a bold and bright aesthetic. With a large hero image and a photo grid layout, it’s easy to attract visitors’ attention and make them stay for longer.

The Wix App Market has a wide range of apps to help you grow your business. You can find everything from a blogging tool to a social media management system.

There are also templates for creative businesses like musicians and bands. You can even create a site for your Airbnb or holiday home.

Crsn Cafe

A bold and vibrant template that’s great for dynamic cafes and coffee shops. It’s also got a lot of space for big, eye-catching photos.

This is the perfect template for musicians, bands and solo artists who want to showcase their music online. It features a large feature post, an upcoming gigs page, and links to popular streaming services.

This modern design will entice your customers to browse new arrivals, bestsellers and event listings. The product gallery uses overlapping blocks and large images to create an immersive experience for shoppers.


ShureArchitects is a modern, minimalist and creative design that was designed specifically for architecture firms or industrial designers. This template uses concrete gray neutrals and artistic images to give your site a professional, sleek look.

Personal blogs are a great way to connect with readers and share your interests. This template is a great choice for influencers because it has everything you need from a blog, including a subscribe section and featured posts. It also includes a responsive layout for mobile devices.

Food Service

This is an aesthetically pleasing and functional Wix template that’s perfect for fashion bloggers and influencers. It features a homepage, collection page and contact section and is optimized for mobile, desktop and search engines.

Whether you’re an online beauty store, wellness boutique or makeup artist, this elegant and contemporary theme will inspire confidence in your clients. Display beautiful images of your products on a large scale to entice shoppers and easily update your content. This design ensures a seamless and delightful user experience.

EZ Electronics

This template is the perfect choice for creative agencies who want to display their work in a clean and simple way. It is also easy to customize and integrate with a number of popular apps like DropInBlog.

Wix’s templates cater to a wide variety of businesses and professions, from photographers to florists. Moreover, the platform offers website apps that let you track visitor traffic and analyze your sales performance. These tools can help you boost your site’s ROI.

Classic Layout

No matter what website you’re looking to create, we have the custom designs and built-in tools to make it happen. Browse categories that reflect your topic of interest to find templates designed with specific goals in mind.

Use the Wix Editor to change the design and layout, add apps, update content and more until your site is a true reflection of your business. Then, connect your own domain, remove Wix ads and accept online payments – all with the help of our premium plans.